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In reflection of its name, MOZAIC assembles gastronomy, design, service and entertainment in order to create a piece of art that tells an exciting story. 

This unique event location in the centre of Antwerp opens to the public on Thursday and Friday.

MOZAIC is a flamboyant medley for a classy apero with inimitable drinks, dining with a twist or a fun night out on the dance floor! We offer an elegant setting, impeccable service and classy club vibes.



Music is the glue that keeps our colorful pieces together. After dinner, the DJ turns up the tunes and the dance floor beckons. MOZAIC has teamed up with young producer Nicolas Caeyers, also known as the musical director of famous DJ duo Axwell & Ingrosso, who will compose a monthly MOZAIC playlist (available to download via Spotify).

As from 21:30 hrs onwards, our DJ’s are here with the sole intent of making you kick off your shoes and dance.